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Great resolutions, Judy (and not just because you included C3). I would add another (that I've also blogged about, of course): Pursue a mobile-first strategy: http://bit.ly/6WnABX

Ha! You're right Steve, maybe they'll be ready for it next year.

Judy -

Thanks for taking the time to do this. We are certainly not in a comfortable situation.

Adding to Steve's comment, we cannot get out of this uncomfortable situation, or create C3, or the mobile first strategy, without first creating content in the first instance in native XML "atoms", heavily tagged, so that the information can flow as required.

Let's hope 2010 is a year of progress on showing how to start with atomized content.


Online advertising can be quite effective. The problem is most, really, all, newspaper sites do it all wrong.

And if you're measuring "click-through rate" you're paying attention to the wrong metric.

And the only way to understand what is really working for advertisers, as you suggest, is to get out and talk with advertisers.

Goodluck to your new years resolution. I wish you can achieve it all!

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