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After 20 years in newspaper business, I must fully agreed with you...:(

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You mean something like this?


(disclaimer: I work for a subsidiary)

Damien - Is that link an example of innovation or letting the print guys get involved? I couldn't decide but lean toward the later.

As a print guy who also develops for the web, I'll just say that all of the great concepts I've seen are grounded in a link to print design, rather than web design. I think that the print guys are there whether you let them at it or not. It seems like the promise of making the web more like print in terms of design is one of the exciting things about the tablet revolution. I personally think that the more successful applications of media to these new devices will require a blend of all disciplines - not the exclusion of one or some. You could say "Keep the video guys away!" or "Keep the audio guys away!" and you would be just as short-sighted and foolish as saying "Keep the print guys away!"

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